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Scott Thompson Meet and Greet with Britney Spears! #PieceOfMe @britneyspears


It’s time to get silly bitch!

Check out Britney Army member, Scott Thompson, meet and greet story with Britney Spears:

Firstly, I would like to thank Britney-Galaxy for letting me share my meet and greet experience with all Brit fans out there!

Being a huge Britney fan for over 16 years, I’d always wanted to meet her but never thought it would be possible. I first saw her back in 2000 on her Oops tour in Manchester (UK) I then went on to see the Onyx, Circus and Femme Fatale tour. Last September I decided I needed to see her again so I flew out to Vegas to watch her Piece of Me show. Although I had seen her live 5 times, I knew there was something still missing, it was to actually meet Queen B herself.

Wednesday the 2nd September was the day I was meeting the one person who I’d looked up to all my life.

I arrived at the theatre just before 6:30pm, shortly afterwards security led us in where we were greeted by Fe. She went over a few rules with us about what we can and can’t do on the backstage tour before leading us on to Brits stage. Walking across Britney’s stage and down her catwalk was incredible. You got to see exactly what Britney can see every night she’s performing. Fe then explained about the props they use, talked about all the lighting/audio effects etc and then led us up to the costume department where you actually pass Britney’s dressing room. After this Fe told us to take a break and meet back up at 8:15pm were we would get to meet Brit! Yay! Fe was really nice, so excitable and very informative about what happens behind the scenes.

Anyway – the good part now..So I’m waiting in line to meet Britney, I didn’t feel too nervous, just excited. As you approach the photo area you can see Britney’s shadow, I walked up the ramp were a security guy stopped me whilst she was meeting another fan. Then it was MY turn, I turned the corner to see Britney standing there smiling, we shook hands and I introduced myself too her, I’d seen her little triangle tattoo on photos before and I liked it (I actually want it.) When we shook hands I saw it for real and thought wow. I then asked her if she would do a funny face for my photo and she did, she leaned into me and we took our photo. Larry Rudolph actually giggled at us because of her face and I stuck my tongue out at the last minute. I told her I’d been a huge fan since she started out told her it was an honour to meet her. I then asked if we could high five and she said ‘sure’ we both high fived and I went on my way. I wish I’d told her everything I wanted too but I just couldn’t think of it at that point. We didn’t have much of a conversation but that’s my fault for not saying a lot to her and she’s so shy! She is so tiny up close too!! If I get a chance to meet her again if she decides to extend her residency I will definitely do another M&G and hopefully I’ll make more conversation with her.

I’m happy after 16 years I’ve finally met her & even got a high five!! Sorry for the extremely long M&G experience, I wanted to mention everything! If any of the fans I was speaking to backstage at the M&G please tweet me at Scott_T_1992 – I want to see how your photos turned out and how your experience went. Thanks Britney-Galaxy!!

Thanks for sharing your awesome story Scott!

Petition: Britney Spears to perform this years Super Bowl 2016! #BritneySuperBowl50

i wanna go

You want Britney Spears to perform at this years super bowl? YOU BETTER SIGN BITCH!

Britney-Galaxy has always dedicated this site for the Britney-Army and we wanted to show some love to a flawless Britney Army member Jeremy Miles. Jeremy created a petition to persuade our Queen to perform at next years 2016 Super bowl. The petition has already gotten 2,605 signatures, which is INCREDIBLE!

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to sign the petition.

Thanks Jeremy for keeping the hype going!

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#TBT All eyes on Britney! @britneyspears

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Happy #TBT everyone!

In honor of TBT we figured to go back to Britney Spears “Circus” tour Era. The tour was officially announced in December 2008, with dates for American and British venues revealed. The stage was composed of three rings and set in-the-round to resemble an actual circus. Fashion designers Dean and Dan Caten created the costumes. A giant cylinder screen was set above the stage to showcase videos and backdrops.

ohhh 1

The Circus Starring our Queen was described as a “pop extravaganza”. It was divided into five segments. The Circus featured a metamorphosis of Britney from as a ringmaster to a slave, while being surrounded by different performers. House of Fun (Anything Goes) displayed a series of upbeat numbers with different themes, including magic and military. It ended with a Bollywood-inspired performance and a ballad in which Britney performed while floating on a giant umbrella. Freakshow/Peepshow featured a video interlude set to heavy metal music, and continued with dark and sexual performances. Electro Circ displayed energetic dance routines, and the encore consisted of a video montage of Britney’s music videos and a police-themed performance. The tour was a commercial success, with a total gross of $131.8 million!

Did any of you get a chance to see the circus tour? If you have be sure to tweet us and tell us!

Hope you enjoyed our #TBT!

Click here to watch the circus tour.

“Britney-The Singles Collection” is #1 on iTunes Dance Albums! @britneyspears


Living legend
You can look but don’t touch!

Britney Spears is Hot as Ice y’all. Brit Brit’s album “Britney-The Singles Collection” is currently #1 on USA iTunes Dance albums AND #19 on overall charts!! It would be awesome if this album would make it into the top 10 overall charts but knowing the power of the Britney Army we can make this happen.

Buy “Britney-The Singles Collection” on iTunes!


September 2nd- Britney Spears #PieceOfMe pictures and videos!

slay mama

Look hot in a bikini? You better work bitch!

The Queen of Las Vegas returned to her throne last night at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. There were no changes to last nights show but Britney wore her black rhinestone suit during the opening act, which made a LOT of fans very happy. Britney kicks off another show tomorrow!

Check out all pictures and videos by clicking here.

New Britney Spears (& JLO) Instagram Post

Britney Reposted JLO`s Photo.

Check it out:

#Repost from @jlo

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Our Lion Babe, Queen Britney Jean Spears, has Spoken/Posted!


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