Britney celebrated in new National Portrait Gallery!

mona lisa 1

Mona Lisa is making a comeback!

Our girl Britney was featured at the National Portrait gallery exhibit titled the “Eye Pop: The Celebrity Gaze”.

“We focus in our collecting efforts on people who have made a significant contribution to our history and culture, and some of these people and many of the subjects included in ‘Eye Pop’ are also absolutely world-recognizable celebrities.” Britney Spears made the cut.

Wow what an honor! We can think of so many reasons as to why Britney really does deserve this feature!

Take a look below on what you would see at the Gallery segment of our girl Britney:

Britney Spears

For “Pop Icon: Britney,” artist R. Luke DuBois created a moving collage using videos of the pop star and framed the screen in gold. Ethereal sounds, some of which were recorded in an old church in Italy, emanate from nearby speakers. “There is something about our devotion to celebrity that the artist is probably commenting on by comparing her to a religious icon,” Fortune says.

Click here to see the video from the gallery.

All we can say is, when will your fave?


art 1

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Britney Spears new single #PrettyGirls rising on streaming song chart!

just so pretty


Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea’s new collaboration, “Pretty Girls,” is the top debut on the Streaming Songs chart dated May 30, as the duet starts at No. 16! The pair, who also performed the song during the Billboard Music Awards on May 17 (which surely helped increase its exposure), helped create a 374 percent weekly rise in streaming points, coming primarily from plays of the video (81 percent), resulting in 5.5 million U.S. plays for the week ending May 17. These plays help the track earn the Greatest Gainer/Streaming Award on the Hot 100, despite the track dropping a position (29-30).

YES! We are LOVING this news!!

Keep up the hard work Britney Army and keep promoting Pretty Girls!!



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New Britney Spears interview with “The Project” coming soon!

toms 12

Get that promo Brit Brit!

Our girl Britney has been doing some serious promo on Wednesday and we are LOVING it! Britney not only sat down with UK show “Good Morning Britain”, she also sat down with Australian show “The Project”. Check out the tweet below:

Wonder what she is going to talk about?!

Be sure to tune in next week folks!


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Tyson Beckford vists Britney Spears last night! #PieceOfMe

meet and greet 1

WOW talk about a MAJOR throwback!

Tyson Beckford, the man who stared in Britney Spears iconic music video toxic, went to see Britney’s Piece of me show last night. Not only did Tyson attend Britney’s show he always was her Freakshow boy during the show. Check out the tweets below:

In case you did not know who Tyson Beckford is:


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May 20th-Britney Spears #PieceOfMe pictures and videos

smile 1

Last night Britney kicked off her last piece of me show before her 3 month break. Britney was looking beautiful last night and our staff member King Anthony met the queen last night! Our home girl returns to the stage Wednesday August 5th.

Check out all the pictures and videos from last nights show by clicking here.

Enjoy your break Britney!!!

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Anthony met @britneyspears last night! #PieceOfMe!


Hey guys!!! I am leaving vegas soon and I just wanted to write this post before i board my flight! I met Britney Spears last night and I wanted to share you guys my story!

OK here is my Britney Spears story! So I was the last one to go to meet Britney Spears, i STILL could not believe i was meeting her last night. I wanted to give her a gift that i personally thought she was going to LOVE and i got the OK to give it to her, which i was VERY thankful for. It was my time to meet her and i walked up, there she was Britney Spears. Britney had the BIGGEST smile on her face when I was coming up to her. I took my hand out and said “Hi Britney, my name is Anthony and I help run Britney-Galaxy!” and she said “Hi Anthony its so nice to finally meet you i love the website”! Then i gave her the necklace and when I gave it to her she had the BIGGEST smile on her face, she LOVED the gift so much. She said “Anthony this is VERY sweet of you, i love it, can we put it in your picture” and i said “of course”! Then we were about to take our picture and i said “Hey can we do a heart in our picture and she said “for you anything”! Then we took the picture and I said “I really hope you enjoy galaxy” and she said “I appreciate everything you guys do!” Then i said can i give you a hug? and she said “of course!”. WE HUGGED! Then I told her good luck tonight and she said “Thank you Anthony and i am so happy you came”. SHE WAS SMILING THE WHOLE TIME! THE WHOLE TIME WE WERE TALKING. I really did not realize how happy I made her until last night. I forgot to ask her if she got the “Dear Britney book” from all of her fans but i was told it was in her dressing room, i really am PRAYING she tweets about it, a lot of fans have been asking me if she got it, i hoping for something guys, so keep thinking positive! It was such an AMAZING time and I am VERY happy that she knows me. I also want to thank her so much for donating to my cousins fundraiser. I am VERY grateful for the autograph chef hat and some goodies as well. I never realized how much she cares until now. It just has always been a dream of mine to always make Britney Spears smile because she deserves it so much and for knowing we make her smile, We are SO grateful.  All that matters to us now is that We make her happy and she loves galaxy!

Guys I did give her the “Dear Britney” book from the fans and I was told it was in her dressing room! Let’s just hope for the best and hopefully she will tweet something about it!

My 19 year old cousin was murder last year and Britney wanted to donate something for the fundraiser. She signed this chef hat (photo above) for me because my cousin went to school for cooking. I am so grateful for this and I really appreciate this VERY much. Thank you Britney for this donation. It means the world to my family and I.

I hope you guys enjoyed the story! Can’t wait to be back home!


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New picture of Britney Spears on the set of a UK interview!

britney interview 1

Our flawless girl Britney was spotted on set today for an interview today for the UK, while she was in Las Vegas.

Check out the beautiful picture above!

Wonder what she is talking about?? We will have to wait and see folks!

Be sure to be on the look out for her new interview.

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