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Britney Spears Carpool Karaoke is hands down iconic! @britneyspears #BritneyCarpool

August 26, 2016 Written by kinganthony

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Once again Britney shuts down the hatters in her recent appearance in Carpool Karaoke with James Corden! James and Britney carpool through Los Angeles, singing her biggest hits including, “Womanizer”, “Make Me”, “…Baby One More Time” and “Toxic”. Spears also spoke about her love life, her children, and  how she does not believe in marriage anymore. Check out the full video below:

Hands down amazing. We love hearing that angelic voice! What do you all think of Britney’s appearance on James Corden?!? Discuss with us on universe!

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Road to VMAs #Glory NYC scavenger hunt! @britneyspears

August 26, 2016 Written by kinganthony

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Are you ready for this incredible task Britney Army??!?

To celebrate Britney Spears “Glory” release day tomorrow, we’re giving you a chance to win two (2) tickets to attend the VMAs in NYC at Madison Square Garden this Sunday, August 28th! Be sure to be following on twitter! Stay tuned for more details coming tomorrow!

Britney-Galaxy’s promotional #Glory Day tomorrow!!! #GloryTomorrow #Glory

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Britney Army are you ready for a glorious day tomorrow?!?!? It’s ALMOST here!

In honor of Britney releasing Glory tomorrow we have a whole “Glory” promotional day planned for the Britney-Army and even a VERY special task coming up soon! Below you will find our promotional schedule, be sure to keep up with Britney-Galaxy all day tomorrow for all different tasks!

Friday, August 26th 2016

Be sure to submit your “Glory CD Promotional Store Contest”, where we are asking fans to go into your local CD stores or stores that sell CDs and spread Britney’s new album “Glory” everywhere on the shelves. You can take pictures or record yourself. Make sure to tag Britney-Galaxy in it and use the hashtag #Glory! Be creative and have fun!

ALSO: Be sure to post pictures of yourself with Britney’s CD Glory as well! Be sure to tag BG!

Note all times are Central Time Zone:

10:00am CT: We will be tweeting #BuyGloryOniTunes

11:00am CT: We are challenging the Britney Army to create there own cover art for their favorite song on “Glory” . Be sure to use the hashtag #Glory

1:00pm CT: We will be having a streaming Britney’s album “Glory” on any media platforms it will be available on.  Be sure to use the hashtag #Glory

3:00pm CT: We are challenging the Britney Army to create a video of themselves singing or lip syncing  there favorite song off “Glory”! Be sure to use the hashtag #Glory

4:00pm CT: This hour we will be asking the army what “Glorious” moment that Britney has done that they admired about her! Be sure to use the hashtag #Glory

We also will be having an incredible task for the Britney Army that we will be posting soon, that you don’t want to miss. Stay tuned. 

Saturday, August 27th 2016

Britney-Galaxy will be hosting a “Glory” listening party at 1:00pm CT on twitter. We wanted the whole Britney Army to gather together and we will listen to each song together. The Britney Army can share how they feel about each song on the album.

Be sure to keep checking for more information on other assignments and tasks for “Glory”! Be sure to keep tagging Britney-Galaxy on anything you do tomorrow with Glory so we can share them to the world!