2000LongshotFlight attendant
2002Austin Powers in GoldmemberHerself
2002CrossroadsLucy Wagner
2004Fahrenheit 9/11Herself


OlderThe Mickey Mouse ClubVarious Roles
1999The Famous Jett JacksonHerself
1999Sabrina the Teenage WitchHerself
1999Kenan & KelHerself
1999Médico de familiaHerself
1999Rockefeller Center Christmas TreeHerself
2000The SimpsonsHerself
2000Saturday Night LiveHerself
2002Stages: Three Days in MexicoHerself
2002Robbie the Reindeer in Legend of
the Lost Tribe
Donner (Voice)
2002Saturday Night LiveHerself
2004Britney & Kevin: ChaoticHerself
2006Will & GraceAmber-Louise (Season 8, episode 18)
2008How I Met Your MotherAbby (Season 3, episodes 13 & 19)
2008Britney: For the RecordHerself
2010GleeHerself (Season 2, episode 2)


1995Bell SouthWelcome to the southInternational
2001PepsiSoft drink beverageInternational
2001PepsiSoft drink beverageInternational
2001NASCAR 400 PepsiRacing carUK & United States
2001Coke Zero 400Stock car racingUnited States
2001Toyota ViosCar AdvertisementInternational
2001Herbal EssencesHair productsUnited States
2001HBOLive concert on HBOUnited States
2002PepsiSoft drink beverageInternational
2002Herbal EssencesHair productsUnited States
2002Pepsi TwistSoft drink beverageUnited States
2002Pepsi BlueSoft drink beverageUnited States
2003GG TeaSoft drink beverageJapan
2004ShowtimeLive concert on
United States
2004PepsiSoft drink beverageInternational
2004CuriousPerfumeNorth America
2005FantasyPerfumeNorth America and UK
2009Candie’sClothingUnited States
2010Candie’sClothingUnited States
2010RadiancePerfumeNorth America


YearMotion pictureSongs
1999Superstar“Thinkin’ About You”
1999Drive Me Crazy“(You Drive Me) Crazy” (The Stop Remix!)
1999Pokémon: The First Movie“Soda Pop”
2001On the Line“Let Me Be”
2001Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius“Intimidated”
2001The Sopranos“Oops!… I Did It Again”
2001The Office“Oops!… I Did It Again”
2001Max Keeble’s Big Move“…Baby One More Time”
2002Orange County“…Baby One More Time”
2002Austin Powers in Goldmember“Boys” (The Co-Ed Remix)
2002Crossroads“I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”, “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman”, “Overprotected”
2004White Chicks“(I Got That) Boom Boom”
2004NCIS“Toxic”, “Outrageous”
2005Rebelde“I’m A Slave 4 U”
2005Robots“…Baby One More Time”
2005Doctor Who“Toxic”
2006Life on Mars (TV series, episode #1.7)“Toxic”
2007CSI: Miami (TV series, episode “Permanent Vacation”)“Gimme More”
2007CSI: NY (TV series, episode “The Lying Game”)“I’m a Slave 4 U”
2007Knocked Up“Toxic”
2007I Could Never Be Your Woman“Oops!… I Did It Again”
2008Skins“Oops!… I Did It Again”
2008Gossip Girl“I’m a Slave 4 U”
2009The Hills (TV series, episode “Don’t Cry on Your Birthday”)“Out from Under”
2009Being Erica“…Baby One More Time”
2009Germany’s Next Topmodel“Circus”
2009Next Top Model“3”, “Womanizer”, “If U Seek Amy”
2009Britain’s Got Talent“Out from Under”, “Unusual You”
2009Melrose Place“Circus”
2009Skins“Womanizer”, “If U Seek Amy”
2009The Hills“3”
2010Glee (TV series, episode “Britney/Brittany”)“Toxic”, “…Baby One More Time”, “I’m a Slave 4 U”, “Me Against the Music”, “Stronger”
2010You Again“Toxic”
2010The Boy Who Cried Werewolf“…Baby One More Time”
2010Dancing with the Stars“Gimme More”
2010The Quest Crew“Toxic”
2010Dancing with the Stars“Toxic”
2010Skins“Do Somethin'”
2011Bridesmaids“I’ve Just Begun (Having My Fun)”
2011Teen Spirit“Till The World Ends”,”(Drop Dead) Beautiful”