December 3 – Britney on a yacht with Sam and Cade!

Britney was spotted on a yacht with Sam and bestfriend Cade Hudson! Britney is currently enjoying her vacation at San Luca Cabos in Mexico! They were laughing and watching the sunset.

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November 24 – Britney spotted at the mall in Thousand Oaks by a fan!

Britney was rocking ‘Baby one more time…’ style miniskirt with red boots that gives ‘Oops…I did it again’ kinda vibes!

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Lady Gaga’s manager Bobby Campbell might be Britney’s future manager!

Sam talks about Britney and the wedding!

Sam attended the ’House Of Gucci’ premiere in LA and told that Britney is doing great and this is happiest time of their lives!💕 Wedding is going to happen sooner or later and it is all up to our girl Britney, who is wearing the pants in their relationship now!💪 We really love how Sam doesn’t talk much about Britney or their private life and dodges professionally the question about the conservatorship. Sam really is the good guy!🙏❤️

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