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Apr 19, 2015

PLANET BRITNEY- Your weekly Britney fix – EDITION 6


Have not got the time to catch up on Britney news every day? Well, we have got your back! Every week we will post the highlights of the past week and summarise the most important Britney news of the week.

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That’s right, our main Sheila is getting Intimate down under! Nah mate! Not intimate like that, we mean she is releasing her Intimate Collection line in sunny AUS!

So get your UGGS on Aussie Barmy and head to your local Westfields – time to que up and get your hands on these smokin’ hot briefs! Perfect attire for your summer BARBIE (BBQ for you foreigners)! Do not forget to stop off at the ‘SERVO’ and pick up your latest edition of Who magazine (Britters features this week) and a pack of shrimp (for the BAAHHBEE- of course) on your way home, you Tasmanian Devil you….

Now crack open those Coopers – we have Pretty Girls info to chat about…

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Yup!! Not only one, but two choreographers have been confirmed for the #PrettyGirls music video! Insane!! But these are not your ‘Average Joe’ choreographers – these are the cream of the crop! Charm Ladonna has worked with the likes of Fergie, Gwen Stephanie and Meghan Trainor and Fatima Robinson has worked with Aaliyah, Rihanna, Michael Jackson and many more!

Like Holy Crackers, this is shaping up to be more than we can handle… As if the pictures of the dance breakdown was not enough already. Please can we get this music video earlier Team B? PRETTY PLEASE? Damn we can be PUNNY sometimes…

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Well you can take that headline in many ways.. Not sure if a sentence can get any more ambiguous than that! Anyway, let’s get to the point. Matthew Koma recently revealed that he has worked with Queen B for the mysterious album 9…

But wait!! There’s more.. It looks like this ‘ARTSY-FARTSY’ theme may actually be happening. Koma mentioned that he was inspired by one of his fave bands, Squeeze when he wrote the Britney track and she loved it… STOP THE PRESS! Wait what?? Squeeze?? This is going to be an interesting collection of songs it seems – and we are super down for this.

By the way Britney – if you are reading this – album 9 is happening sooner than we think… isn’t it? We are on to you…

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Well, since everything seems very 80’s at the moment – we thought the ’88, Billy Ocean headline (well almost) was appropriate, okay! But I bet you cannot get that song out of your head now, right?

Well either way – straight after filming for the Pretty Girls music video – Britney did just that – she got out of those jeans and sat on the bonnet of her Mercedes, with her totes GORGE mom Lynne to watch her son play football this week.

Super Momney was out in full force! Good to see Brit manage to balance her demanding work life, with being a mom, inspirational if you ask us. By the way, is there anything B cannot do? Here is a pic of Flawlessney skate-boarding with her son..

Bow down – moms do not get cooler than this!

While we are on the topic of Mercedes – do you think parents name their child Mercedes, so that they can claim they have one? Just a thought…

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Ok, let’s be fair we throwback ‘EVERYTIME’. Which is funny in it’s own right, as this week we celebrate the release of none other than… you guessed it…


and Everytime


Happy 16th and 11th (respectively) Birthday to these 2 flawless gems. How can you not love these 2 videos – pure perfection.

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So after months of speculation and some false deterrents (pesky little things) we finally have the name of the Pretty Girls director.. Cameron Duddy. The ‘Uptown Funk’ director is the perfect match for this 80’s inspired music video and we cannot wait to see the final result.

Thanks to Iggy-Iggys we also know that – just like the choreographers – this video comes in 2’s. Ale – Iggy’s BFF and personal stylist is helping with the directing of the video. A whole load of duo’s going on here, starting to pick up on a trend here…

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OK – I am putting it out there. IGGY FOR THE QUEEN’S HAND! This girl is doing everything right atm. The one and only BIGGSTER created a storm by returning to Twitter (for one day only) just to let us know that she is having a blast working on Pretty Girls, some Invisible Men chat and… wait for it… wait for it… she confirmed a FREAKIN’ PERFORMANCE!! SPEAR US DEAD NOW!!!


We are totes SPAZZIN’ out right now. It has been 4 years since we have had a televised Brit performance and this has got us super excited. But, before you all get too excited.. she never mentioned what type of performance this is. I mean this could be a B-EGAS performance – and we will not get a televised performance after all. Please, please, please let this be the former and not the latter?


We here at HQ are hoping for a Billboard performance – and B, if you are listening – we are willing to bribe you with Starbucks and Cheetos if you will make this happen… Just Sayin’.

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How much of a Britney stan are you? Do you stan hard enough to cancel your own concert to attend a B concert? Well, that is exactly what Marina did this week and we fully support this! When in Vegas – go see a Britney Spears concert, it is not rocket science. I bet Marina was super chuffed she did, as she got to meet her one and only ‘teen idol’ too, thank the FROOT MAKERS!

We also really hope this STOP sign trend catches on – would it not be epic when Brit yells STOP in the ‘Crazy’ break – the entire BARMY raise their signs?

Cool right?

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You know the famous saying, A baguette in the ass, is like a PAIN in the butt? Neither do we.. but it is a good saying anyway. For those of you who do not know French – Pain is the word for bread.. funnier now isn’t it?? Anyways, whilst we are on the subject of pain, the uncertainty throughout era 9 is killing us, and these recent tweets are not helping…

So here is a Break down – IGGY returns to Twitter like

Well, only just to rub in how much fun she is having on PG. THEN she is like we are performing Pretty Girls…

And then Robin Leach Tweeted that the performance will be at the Billboard Music Awards…



WHAAATT? TAKE A DEEP BREATH – CALM DOWN! Take a step back and remember your terms and conditions of your stan cards, it clearly states – you will have to wait and see… So unless we get a confirmation from team B or B herself – take it with a pinch of salt (in your wounds)….. If you know what we mean.. After all, this is the same Robin Leach that tweeted this..

We all know how that turned out… But, we really hope that the Billboard rumours are true.. We need more info now!!

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She is BACK and on FIRE! Kill the lights and action! Welcome back to Vegas this week B!

Since everyone is stealing BITCH from Britney recently, in true form Brit decided to bring originality back, out with the old and in with the new – Britney’s new term of endearment is FUCKING ASSHOLES!


You want a hot body? You better work you FUCKING ASSHOLES! We cannot wait for the track on album 9! DEAD! :gloria:

Seems like someone really upset Britney on this one! Apparently news on the street – someone called the super toned Brit a ‘fat bitch’…..HOW VERY DARE THEY!!!! Either way, whatever they said, they probably deserved it – do not mess with Queen B – you are lucky the BARMY do not know who you are or we would be coming for your weave…. Just kiddin’ – or not.. We are looking for you…

Seen the pics of how smoking hot Brit looked this week yet? Loving the new look!


Hopefully Pretty Girls will be added to the set list soon…. Waiting in Antici———–pation!

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Happy sweet sixteen to the first ever iconic Britney Rolling Stones Cover!

Time flies! We remember the scandal around the release as if it was yesterday! Covers do not get sexier than this. Thank you David LaChapelle – THANK YOU!!

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Unlike Kanye – who believed he could walk on water – and then miserably failed in Armenia… H TO THE A..  Actually wait.. let us just take a moment to laugh at this a little more…

Ok, back to the point, Britney proved again that she is no average human. That is right, she is a bird, that can afford her own plane, it’s Super B!

This is not the first time – we will have you know..

So Kanye, sit back down and drown in the TIDAL wave that is Britney Spears, who can actually levitate..

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Damn! Check out Britney’s new pad – once owned by Sir Elton John:

We are hoping to crack an invite for the house warming… We tried to call Brit today – but her assistant said she is way to busy chatting to her new Butlers – we could actually hear her in the background, cracking her whip and insisting they Work Bitch! If only we could get whipped by Britney.. ahh.. one can only dream..

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Britney is always one to raise awareness and that is what makes her perfect. It is so awesome to see Britney use her influence for a great cause. This week Britney tweeted about Avril’s new song for the Special Olympics – Fly. See tweets below:

Avril soon responded with the following:

Great track Avril and the video really pulled on our heart strings! The Barmy are backing you all the way!

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If you have not yet heard about the Bro Orange story, by the flawless Barmy member Matt Stopera (Buzzfeed) then where the hell have you been? This week the Bro Orange adventure continued – and I think it may just have reached it’s peak – I mean what could be more epic than meeting Brit-Brit herself?

Remember Matt from Fanography? Actually, do you even remember Fanography at all?

Loving this whole story! Glad to see the Britney Army is growing! Like seriously, when will your fave be well known on an orange farm, in Guangdong? Thought so…

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Roll up Roll up! Attention please – iTunes have released the track-list for Giorgio Moroder’s Album titled ‘Deja vu’, and the title of the Britney track is….. DRUM ROLL…. Tom’s Diner!

The Susanne Vega track is the confirmed Britney feature on the album, after months of speculation. The song is perfect for Britney and we cannot wait to hear her spin on it! But you will need to wait… the album is only released on the 12th June… Unless you are Suzanne Vega of course – who has heard the track already and loves it…

Well I suppose it’s time to finish up our coffee – It’s time to catch the train… Till next week y’all! We will leave you with this acoustic version of Brightest Morning Star, pure perfection…


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